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Welcome to the Dialogue on Nanotechnology in Cancer

The National Cancer Institute's Alliance for Nanotechnology in Cancer was launched in 2004 on the premise that nanotechnology based materials and devices have the potential to transform cancer research and clinical oncology. These materials and devices are leading to new solutions in early detection, in vivo imaging, and therapeutics for effective cancer treatment. The Alliance has achieved ongoing success and research progress in the forms of clinical trials, impactful publications and commercialization.

Illustrated in the video below is a local community event organized by the David H. Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at MIT that demonstrates the purpose of cutting-edge cancer nanotechnology research. Click here to see additional videos!!

The NCI Office of Cancer Nanotechnology Research is charged with sculpting the future NCI investment plan in the field of cancer nanotechnology. We are interested in your opinion on the relevant areas of focus and the most important research questions that need to be addressed in this field. We invite you to share your thoughts and comments with us using this forum.

Logistical details concerning your inputs: To participate in this forum, click Register or Log In in the top right corner. You must become a registered user before you can submit, comment, or vote on ideas. We hope that this inquiry will create several ideas - the more ideas, the better. Refining ideas already suggested is acceptable and can be a useful way to further define a concept. This site is now open for voting. You are still able to submit new ideas as well as vote on the ideas of others to help us identify which ones the community feels have the most potential.

Ideas and comments submitted to the site are public. Your participation in this dialogue is voluntary, and no payments or gifts will be made to respondents. However, your participation will help to ensure that your expectations and priorities are considered. If you would like to volunteer information about your area of expertise and position level, please add this information to your profile. We will not make this information public. We are interested in knowing the makeup of our forum users. If you prefer not to create an account, you can submit your ideas or comments via e-mail to

NCI and NIH do not endorse any third party sites. (Please read the website and privacy policy for this site here.)

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