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Cellular Entry & Exit of Nanoparticles: Biomedical Applications Recycling Bin

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Apart from the various biomedical applications of nanomaterials, especially in cancer therapy, cellular uptake is an key factor concerned in recent years for efficient drug delivery applications. Researchers from all over the world concern mainly only on cellular uptake of nanoparticles for efficient drug delivery applications, but according to my point, biocompatible cellular entry and exocytosis are the two key factors which decides the successful delivery of the drug. exocytosis of the nanoparticles must be investigated in detail under several conditions. as it ensures the safety of the nanocarrier mechanism regardless of drug action. A proper ethics has to be putforth to concern the application of nanoparticles based on their cellular entry and cellular exit should be summarized for any nanomaterials based on its factors like size, shape, charge, etc.



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