Areas of Interest for Cancer Nanotechnology

Retrospective study on Nanotechnology in medicine

Iron Oxide nanoparticles are effective contrast agents for MRI, over the years we have been saying this; every publication supports their effectiveness, but currently there is no commercially available nanoparticles solution for use as contrast agent. The lone survivor is Gastromark which is used orally and has diameter of 400 nanometers (not nano, the optimum size is 1-100 nm), the most promising "Ferridex I.V" was withdrawn from the market in 2008. There are studies proving natural degradation of Iron oxide in the body as iron is already present inside the body. So where all went wrong?? I think "Nanotechnology" is not going in the right direction. Nearly 3 decades of research and only 2 or 3 commercially available Nanotech based drugs in market!!



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